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About Us

Principal consultant David has years of experience running and advising Community, Voluntary, Social Enterprises and Private enterprise

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When working with Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprises this is David's mantra

He says "too long have we (in the Third Sector) tried to emulate the Private sector in language and business planning. We need to change focus"

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David says "Making decisions - hopefully good ones!"


From Induction to confirmation of understanding

Strategic Planning

The foundation for sustainable organisations

Project Planning

Helping you put together a realistic case

Project delivery

Let's talk about your deliverables!


Outcomes, outcomes, outcomes! Or as David says "lasting change"


Meaningful conversations with your community, beneficiaries, clients and customers

Mergers and Acquisitions

Yes, in the Third Sector as well. It's all about sustainability and achieving the best outcomes

David says "No-one was every converted by a spread sheet.."

"..we delight on stories about positive change"
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