Working Canines

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Castle Douglas About me I have more than 30 years of experience in the dog training world. I studied and achieved my Diploma in Canine Psychology in September 2009. I have trained more dogs than I care to remember for lots of people from different walks of life. I have a passion for dogs and love to see a well behaved dog enjoying life. My own dogs ALL enjoy life! Now….enough about me …….. this is about you and your dog ….. About your dog Does it pull you on the lead? Does it refuse to return when you call? Does it bark when you are not at home? Does it destroy your property? Does it chase moving vehicles? Does it lunge at other dogs? Does it become aggressive? Does it consistently jump up on you and others? Does it chase sheep or other livestock? If so : I can teach you to prevent or cure all these problems. I frequently resolve these issues in two sessions however some dogs need a third session. I structure these sessions around your “three areas” and I will educate you accordingly. I keep the training simple. I do not use food. I do not use gimmicks. The training is based on the dogs respect for you and a reward system that the dog wants! I use four simple training items which, if I cannot utilise the items you already have, I will supply my own choice of training items at a discounted rate. I have ducks and hens on the farm which can be used in livestock training scenarios. meet you and your pets.
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